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  TARPN Hardware Projects

This page covers TARPN projects made available for sale.

The TARPN Control Panel, by Larry WN8P, uses a ribbon cable to connect to the Raspberry PI, shows system status and allows single-button shutdown or reboot of the Raspberry PI.
Control Panel is documented here.

The TARPN NinoTNC is a USB 1200/2400/4800/9600 baud KISS-TNC project by KK4HEJ.
NinoTNC is documented here

The TARPN Interupter, by W4RFQ, is a gang power control switch for temporarily turning off one or more link radios when a higher priority operation needs to take place that the link radio would interfere with.
Interrupter: Radio on/off/timer

The discontinued TARPN PWRMAN board by W4RFQ.
This product watched the battery the power supply and would automatically shutdown (and then later start up) the Raspberry PI when necessary to keep it from running its battery down and from corrupting it's SDcard The unit was discontinued when the Raspberry PI 3B+ came out, depending on higher than 5V. We may bring this unit back and use it with an off-board regulator.
PWRMAN: Power Manager

The discontinued TARPN model TNC-PI was an I2C 1200 baud KISS-TNC by W2FS and a modification of an earlier Coastal Chipworks TNC-PI by W2FS. The TARPN TNC-PI shipped from July 2015 until December 2019.
TNC-PI is documented here

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