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Node Computer/Supply Shelf Parts List

See also FAQ: Node Details for a block diagram of a node.
jay-box-4-port-node block diagram

last changed September 24, 2023

Some of these parts are only available in quantity and there are tools required that a single ham might not have or want to acquire for a private workbench. Please ask your local TARPN network group for help in choosing the appropriate parts. If you are starting a new group, write to the TARPN email reflector.

Work with the group. It's more fun that way, and it is certainly more efficient.

This is what went into the a box to complete a the common computer/supply level of a multi-port node in early 2023.
1 DC Power Supply, 12-14 V 20-40 Amps 40.0040.00eBay
1 DC Power Supply, 14.2 V 1 Amp 10.0010.00Mouser RS-15-15
1 Raspberry PI 4B 2GB RAM 48.0048.00Amazon or Canakit Latest B model
1 DROK variable output regulator 9.719.71Amazon B00JUFJ1GA
1 Fuse Box 12.0012.00Amazon B00QMTAZ1W
1 gel cel 12V 2.2Ah PS-1220-10 battery 18.00 18.00Amazon B08PMN8B2W
Note: $12 in quantity 12
1 Square D Ground Bar 5.00 5.00 Amazon B002FQKSKO
2 #10 (12-10) Ring Terminal 0.12 0.24 Parts Express 095-222
8 1/4" push-on female
disconnect crimp terminal
0.12 0.96 Parts Express 095-290
1230amp powerpole pins 0.30 1.80 Quicksilver Radio
6 RED/BLACK Powerpole
(red/black bonded pair)
1.13 6.78 Quicksilver Radio ppl-wld-hsg
1 bridge rectifier 1.84 1.84 Parts-Express 050-030
1 56ohm 10watt resistor 0.54 0.54 Parts-Express 016-56
1 velcro (feet) 0.90 0.90 Amazon B00006RSWT
1 pack of 5 USB-A to USB-B 36" cable 12.0012.00Amazon B01J6AF7BG
3 jumper wire (feet) 0.15 0.45 Surplus
1216 gauge red/black zip cord (feet) 0.15 1.80 $15 for 500 feet at eBay for 12VoltWire store
1multi-shelf node box 25 25hunt down a local carpenter
1TARPN Control Panel 25 25KK4KFG sells the kit
Total cost is about $215.

To complete the node you'll also need NinoTNCs ($40 depending on quantity and shipping), radios, coax, antennas, mounting hardware. I'm partial to LMR400-clones from Jefatech and Shireen (eBay or Amazon or direct). I also like Diamond A144S10 yagis and Diamond X300A antennas with MFJ diplexers.

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