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FAQ: Node Details

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The block diagram shows a TARPN node with NinoTNCs.

The Control Panel is wholly optional. The critical function performed by the Control Panel, disconnecting the battery when needed, should be considered if you choose not to include the Control Panel.
If you keep a live video display on your Raspberry PI, along with keyboard and mouse, the control panel is redundant. I like it though because in one glance I can tell the node software is running and even if the monitor is gone I can turn off the node in a non destructive manner.

The details on the 5.2v regulator, diode switch, 14.2V power supply, and battery for the digital section are in builders under Power&Backup and then robust-power-for-node. The design uses a 15v 1-amp variable voltage Meanwell powersupply, small Gel-Cel, cheap bridge rectifier, resistor, and a DROKay variable output USB buck regulator to run the Raspberry PI.

Click for Youtube video touring the supply/computer shelf of a node box

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This node implements the block diagram, with a single port:
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