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Shopping List for Node Construction

These are the ingredients needed to get your first node on the air.

The node can be constructed out of many different sets of components. If you are starting from some components purchased for another project or donated to your cause, you may have to tailor this list. For instance, there are several generations of Raspberry PI which will work for a packet node. The SDcard required for each may be of one of two different models, microSD or SD. The radio you are using may be one of the recommended models, or it may be something you had from a previous project. Different cables will be used for each radio.

This shopping list will be both vague and specific. Feel free to write to our email reflector to ask questions.

Raspberry PI

under $45

Must be Raspberry PI
1 B rev 2 600Mhz 32bit single-core
1 B+   600Mhz 32bit single-core
2 B    900Mhz 32bit quad-core
3 B    1.2Ghz 64bit quad-core
3 B+ 1.4Ghz 64bit quad-core
4 B   1.5Ghz 64bit quad-core 1GB ram or higher (preferred)
ID and shop for Raspberry PI
Compatible SD card

about $8

For modern Raspberry PIs we use a class 10, 16GB micro SDHC card (left).
Click for Amazon Ultra 16GB Class 10 SDHC
Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor and Cables

untold billions

We only need these things for a few minutes while you set up the machine. After that, these parts can go back to some other duties.

The Raspberry PI 2B, 3B, 3B+ will output video using HDMI. The 4B will use micro-HDMI. I used a Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter Cable.

The older Raspberry PIs get power from a 5vDC feed into a micro-USB plug. The 4B wants USB-C at 5.2vDC. See power for digital section, below.

Nino TNC

under $45 each
volunteer kit-builders are available. Send request to tarpn email list

NinoTNC contents
NinoTNC Ordering
ninoTNC A3 slice
13.8v power supply and power distribution for radios.

$50 to $140 with fuse box

Power Supplies for Node
Power for digital section

$25 including GelCel

Robust power for Raspberry PI 2015_i6_04390_yuasa_batteryx267
VHF/UHF radios

$50 or so surplus

Favorite Radios for Linking 2015_i6_04106___ADRO_nodex267
Antennas, coax, diplexer or triplexers if needed.

$70 per band or free

Antennas antenna_collagex267
TNC to radio cables

$10 parts+shipping

NinoTNC to Vertex FTL RJ45
NinoTNC to Kenwood TK mobiles RJ12
NinoTNC to Icom HT IC2AT
NinoTNC to computer USB cable

$5 parts+shipping

Oscilloscope for receive alignment

$28 parts+shipping

For TNC-PI operation, an Oscilloscope is highly recommended. For NinoTNC operation, an Oscilloscope is at least educational, but not required. Shop hamfests and inquire on ham-club email reflectors to find a surplus Tektronix unit. The unit linked here, if bought fully assembled, is really nifty, lightweight, and small, but not anywhere near as useful as a Hitachi or Tektronics old junker. Plus, these far-east oscilloscope kits are a bear to assemble. But... if you are going to use a hyper-finicky TNC-PI, you really should have an oscilloscope.

$15 for wood for cheap and dirty

home-made wooden Node cabinets
201411_jenret_i6_03171sm 2015_01_w4rfq_made_node_box 2015_tadd_node_box_i6_04430x400

See also Base Box parts spreadsheet and Node Details, About Base Box

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