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 3D-Printed Cases

page modified May 29, 2024

Mounting Plate for SMT and Kit NinoTNC by K4DBZ

Thangs.COM for K4DBZ Mounting Plate
Mount TNC with M3 x 0.5mm thread 8mm long screws McMaster part #92000A118, and nut McMaster part #91828A211.
Note, this plate may be used with the Raspberry PI but the PI's holes need to be slightly enlarged with a drill bit or reamer.

SMT NinoTNC case

STL files by Jason K4APR are here on his web site: [ke4nyv.com] Jason's 3d-print STL files
and are linked here:
2 STL files:

Full NinoTNC through-hole/kit case by Troy K4JDA, and others

Steve KC8SLY mod for A4, March 2021

Steve made a modification to support the SIGNALS switch for the A4.


Eric WO2S pix

Troy design, May 2020

Troy, K4JDA[qrz], created some components to assemble a 2-part 3D-printed case. I don't know who to credit for the red photos. I contacted the person who I thought posted/sent them to me and he said it wasn't him. So... please contact me... KA2DEW QRZ page.

Here's a link to 3 STL files. There are two different tops and one bottom.

Troy's screws came from Bolt Debot and are 6383 Metric socket cap, Stainless steel 18-8 (A-2), 3mm x 0.5mm x 20mm.
#4-40 x 3/4" long machine screws are also known to work.

Post or search on the [email protected] reflector for information. Refer to the K4JDA-Troy 3d case.
2020-05-27-troy-case-for-a3-bottom v0-9.stl
2020-05-27-troy-case-for-a3-top v0.9.stl

The red cases were by an unknown contributor.

The black cases were printed by Troy hisself.

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