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page modified Jan 24, 2022

Email Reflectors

Note: These fora are mostly made up of members who are not part of the [volunteer] engineering team. Also, the overworked engineering team may have less of a clue than many of the valued participants of these fora. Please participate in the forum as much as you are comfortable and please help the rest of us understand the level of your mastery upon which your advisories depend.
There may or may not be somebody who has more of a clue than you reading and responding in the reflector soon. Your help may be the best that is available. We welcome your questions and your answers. Remember that this is a hobby. Chastised people could easily just go down the street to the pub and forget about all this, so please chastise lightly. Thanks!!

Nino-TNC Assembly, Applications, Tech Support

This email reflector discusses NinoTNC board availability and assembly, KISS and radio protocols as well as using the NinoTNC for non-TARPN computer applications. This includes UROnode, APRS, Linux AX25, etc..

G3RUH-Modem reflector

This email reflector is about hooking 9600 baud-capable radios to G3RUH TNCs.
NinoTNC can operate as a G3RUH TNC.

If you have a tested radio mod or cabling instructions for using a G3RUH modem on a particular radio, please post to this group with a meaningful title. We'll contact you directly via email at your suscriber email address and figure out how to transfer images and whatnot.

Eventually we'd like to build a library of imagery and schematics for cabling solutions.

TARPN Configuration for NinoTNC

We'll discuss the TARPN Configuration required for NinoTNC in the TARPN groups.io.

If you are not in the TARPN group, and you are building an off-the-grid packet radio network (i.e. no wormholes, no Internet), then you'll be interested in joining the TARPN groups.io. The TARPN group forum is focused on building Terrestrial Amateur-Radio packet-networks. We have several ongoing hardware projects and software projects in support of making the TARPNs cheaper, easier to deploy, faster, and more fun.
Please read up about the group at TARPN.NET and then join our email reflector here.

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