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See also FAQ: Node Details, About Base Box for a block diagram of the Base Box.

I am not recommending that somebody buy exactly these parts and build one of exactly this. It would take a huge amount of time for just one base-box, maybe your skills go a different way, and new components keep coming available which make this easier and cheaper. Having a full-time always-connected scope and speaker helps tremendously and I high recommend it. But the way we built the cabinets and mounted the parts is entirely arbitrary.

In the Raleigh area a group of 5 hams have acquired parts and built a dozen base-boxes with this design and many of previous designs so some of the required work is more mature than it would have been the first time. Also, some of these parts are only available in quantity and there are tools required that a single ham might not have or want to acquire for a private workbench.

What I recommend doing is after your area has a few dedicated TARPN-ers that you get one (or more) of these base-boxes from the Raleigh group and then, with existing designs, and your own initiative, come up with exactly what you need and desire. Perhaps by the time you start this, other ideas or features will have become more important. Or, maybe you have local talent that can come up with something wildly better. LASER-cut? 3d printing? Make it out of stainless steel? HI.

Work with the group. It's more fun that way, and it is certainly more efficient.

This is what went into the Fin Mod-box v3 to complete a "Base Box" in fall of 2018.
1 HP DPS1200FB power supply 40.0040.00eBay
1 Raspberry PI 3 B+ 38.0038.00Amazon Latest B model
1 DSO138 scope
fully assembled (welded?)
30.0030.00Amazon vendor, part number,
& description vary
as does price
1 DROK variable output USB
DC in/DC outpower supply
13.5913.59Amazon B01EMYHOC6
1 Fuse Box 12.0012.00Amazon B00QMTAZ1W
1 gel cel 12V 2.2Ah PS-1220-10 battery 9.49 9.49 Amazon B077Y9FT5K
1 Square D Ground Bar 5.00 5.00 Amazon B002FQKSKO
1 9v regulator for scope 4.00 4.00 eBay
2 keystone PC mount term screws 0.57 1.14 DigiKey 7693K-ND
2 #10 (12-10) Ring Terminal 0.12 0.24 Parts Express 095-222
8 1/4" push-on female
disconnect crimp terminal
0.12 0.96 Parts Express 095-290
1615amp powerpole pins 0.30 4.80 Quicksilver Radio
6 30amp powerpole pins 0.30 1.80 Quicksilver Radio
2 black Powerpole housings 0.60 1.20 Quicksilver Radio ppl-black
2 yellow Powerpole housings 0.60 1.20 Quicksilver Radio ppl-yellow
4 orange Powerpole housings 0.60 2.40 Quicksilver Radio ppl-orange
4 pink Powerpole housings 0.60 2.40 Quicksilver Radio ppl-pink
6 RED/BLACK Powerpole
(red/black bonded pair)
1.13 6.78 Quicksilver Radio ppl-wld-hsg
1 bridge rectifier 1.84 1.84 Parts-Express 050-030
1 56ohm 10watt resistor 0.54 0.54 Parts-Express 016-56
1 audio op-amp board 1.00 1.00 eBay
1 Davitu Veroboard copper stripboard 1.25 1.25 Amazon B07MN8VZFD
1 Meetuo or Logitech computer speakers 15.0015.00Amazon
1 CB speaker Astatic or President 15.0015.00Amazon
1 switch SPST subminiature toggle 1.10 1.10 Amazon B0193XU2GQ
8 Aluminum threaded spacers
3/16" hex, 1/2" long 4-40
0.51 4.08 McMaster Carr 91780A533
8 screws Brass Pan Head
Phillips Screw 4-40 1/4"
0.06 0.49 McMaster Carr 94070A106
8 screws Brass Pan Head
Phillips Screw 4-40 3/8"
0.07 0.55 McMaster Carr 94070A108
1 velcro (feet) 0.90 0.90 Amazon B00006RSWT
1 USB to Micro 6" cable 1.43 1.43 Amazon B01FSYBQ9Q
4 ribbon cable 0.21 0.84 Amazon B00JKE10UQ
4 ribbon cable connectors 0.24 0.96 Amazon B00DE5CTMK
3 jumper wire (feet) 0.15 0.45 Surplus
1216 gauge red/black zip cord (feet) 0.15 1.80 AAPEX Online
Total cost is about $220.
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