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Rules for TARPNs

At this time, April 2014, we don't have any proof that the TARPN plan will create a growing prosperous packet network. There have been many packet networks established over the last decade and they keep failing or growing smaller. In 1998 there were several huge networks on the North American Continent. Why were they apparently inevitable then, but not now?
History shows us many interesting things with regard to ham radio projects and packet radio networking. Based on previous successes and failures we created a set of rules for the network. Please consider these and comment, pro or con, or recommend anything that you think should be covered, suggested, recommended, or demanded. Thanks.

List of rules

At least until we decide to change course, these are the rules for participation in our TARPN.
1. No non-Amateur methods for data, sourcing, delivering or relaying our traffic. Licensed Ham control-operator copy-and-paste text is the only permitted linkage. more info
2. All links are dedicated point‑to‑point links. more info
3. Everybody runs a Raspberry Pi G8BPQ node. more info
4. Network configuration is open. We will go to great strides to make it possible for every participant to inspect every node. more info
5. Don't mix Individually sponsored networks with Big-Money sponsored network more info
6. These rules are enforced by separation from the network. more info
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