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Raspberry_PI_n40935crprsm_topAl Raspberry_PI_n40935crprsm_topAr Raspberry PI
The Raspberry PI is a small personal computer designed and marketed by the non profit Raspberry PI Foundation in Great Britain. It is sold for $40 by many companies including Amazon. See our shopping guide to Raspberry PIs.
The TARPN plan is built around the Raspberry PI and G8BPQ node software. The Raspberry PI uses an SD memory card (usually about $8) as a boot drive. The card is initialized according to a procedure documented in the "builders" section of this web page.
Raspberry_PI_n40935crprsm_midBl Raspberry_PI_n40935crprsm_midBr Once initialized, the Raspberry PI can serve as a headless switch and the packet radio system can be accessed by SSH, TelNet, Remote Desktop, TARPN-HOME and BPQtermTCP. The Raspberry PI is capable of operating as a stand-alone workstation using a USB keyboard, mouse, and HDMI or composite display. VGA and DVI are available via adapters.
Raspberry_PI_n40935crprsm_botCl Raspberry_PI_n40935crprsm_botCr When used headless, the Raspberry PI must be connected via WiFi (optional) or Ethernet to the LAN supporting your workstation. When operated as a workstation, the Raspberry PI can support the packet node switch and let the user connect out into the network or receive calls.
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