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CHAT service

Built into G8BPQ's Raspberry Pi program LINBPQ is an option called LINCHAT. This is a multi-site networked round table conference program. It is sort of like IRC, Internet Relay Chat, but made for packet radio networking using the TheNET routing used by G8BPQ. Stations connect into the CHAT and whatever they type is sent back out to other connected stations with the sender's callsign.
A network of CHAT servers can be connected together via the node routing and is specified using the G8BPQ web page interface.
See Configure Chat Service

Once you are connected into a CHAT node, and presuming that other hams are connected in as well, or there is a network of CHAT nodes and multiple hams are connected, you can send text into the CHAT and it will be echoed to the other hams, and optionally back to you.

The commands used to operate the CHAT are: (note: Case doesn't seem to matter except in the textual parameters)

Commands can be in upper or lower case.
/U - Show Users.
/N - Enter your Name.
/Q - Enter your QTH.
/T - Show Topics.
/T Name - Join Topic or Create new Topic. Topic Names are not case sensitive
/P - Show Ports and Links.
/A - Toggle Alert on user join - Enabled.
/C - Toggle Colour Mode on or off (required for color on the Crowd tab).
/Codepage CPnnnn - Set Codepage to use if UTF-9 is disabled.
/E - Toggle Echo - Enabled. (required to see your own traffic on the Crowd tab).
/Keepalive - Toggle sending Keepalive messages every 10 minutes - Enabled.
/ShowNames - Toggle displaying name as well as call on each message - Enabled.
/Auto - Toggle Automatic character set selection - Disabled.
/UTF-8 - Character set Selection - UTF-8.
/Time - Toggle displaying timestamp on each message - Enabled.
/S CALL Text - Send Text to that station only.
/F - Force all links to be made.
/K - Show Known nodes.
/B - Leave Chat and return to node.
/QUIT - Leave Chat and disconnect from node.

Commands breakdown:

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