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KW4WA node-box 001

Photos and carpentry by Julio Paredes KW4WA

October 2020, a single port node based on stackable components. Two boxes are shown here. A 3rd could be constructed to add a 2nd radio port.

Front of the node stack
The Kenwood TK760G was about $70 on eBay. It is a 25 watt 100+ channel transceiver with robust front end. It also has a potential for 4800 or 9600 baud application in a TARPN network.
Also on the front are the main power supply, the switchover circuit and charger for the backup battery, and the 5.2v USB supply for the Raspberry PI 4B.

Side photo showing carry holes, making it easy to get a grip. Most of the heat is radiated out the front of the supply, by the AC power cord.

NinoTNC on the radio box, Raspberry PI on the base box.

This is a view of the feet and sockets allowing the boxes to stack.

Across the bottom are

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