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G8BPQ resources

Here is some more information if you want to expand on the work we've already done.
These links are all outside of the TARPN web page. There are many pages on g8bpq, labelled as node operations or TARPN node, linked directly from the TARPN builders page. Make sure you start there. This documentation is from John G8BPQ himself or from other hams working with John.

G8BPQ Documents & Documents search
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Installing xInetd Service in Red-Hat-8 (could be useful)
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There is also a yahoo group called BPQ32 that is worth signing on to if you want to explore this further.

Incoming Terminal Sessions on LinBPQ

This uses a Virtual TNC2 port to allow in incoming connection to a terminal. I've used minicom as an example, but other terminal programs could be used.

The following should be added to bpq32.cfg to create a Virtual TNC port, and set up an application to connect to it.

The COMPORT name and APPLMASK can be changed if necessary. The CALL, alias and Quality on the APPLICATION line are optional

        APPLMASK=0x10    ; Application 5


The TNC2 emulator has to have CONOK set to ON to accept incoming calls, and you may need ECHO and AUTOLF, depending on your terminal program. It is also a good idea to send CTRL/C D, to make sure any old session is closed. With minicom this can be done with a script file containing something like:

send "^C"
send "D"
send ""
send "autolf on"
send "echo on"
send "conok on"
send "cbell on"

You can then invoke minicom with

minicom -D /home/pi/linbpq/com10 -S scriptfilename

I'll add this to the Simple Terminal Page

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