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TARPN Home Latest News

This page keeps track of the latest news and the bug and enhancement list for the current version of TARPN Home. Due to complexity of implementation, just because an item is on the list does not mean it will be corrected/added.

Current Version: 2.02 released February 18, 2019
Recent Versions:
2.01 released February 17, 2019
2.0 released January 10, 2019
Version: 1.12 release on June 10, 2018
Next Planned Version: 2.1

Latest News

Version 2.02 came out in February 2019 and seems stable. It is time for a new version! I plan on development starting in February 2021. I would like to implement (but not promising all of) the list of top and medium priority changes listed below. Contact me if you have anything to add.

Current Bug/Enhancement list (as of Feb 18, 2021):

Need to get v2.0? here are instructions: TARPN Home information on the TARPN website
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