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TNC2 Emulation

TNC Emulation Facilities.

The Host Mode TNC emulation provides the minimum support necessary for use with the UFQ BBS.

The TNC2 emulation code accepts the following commands:

CONOK ON/OFF - Indicates the port is for use by a BBS.

BBSMON ON/OFF - Reduces the monitor output to calls only (enough to maintain
the JA list). Place in the MBL config file startup section.

MTX ON/OFF - Monitors transmitted frames - mainly used for debugging

MONITOR ON/OFF - As in normal TNC
MCON ON/OFF Note that to monitor whilst connected to the Node, you
need MCON ON

The monitor code will decode and display the network headers from messages
between nodes. This enables you to see what routes are being used between
nodes, as well as removing a lot of garbage from the monitor display!

HOSTOK ON/OFF - Controls whether a port is available for incoming connects
to the system operator (C command from Node with no params).
It is equivalent to the CONOK command for BBS ports.

NOMODE ON/OFF The next 2 are accepted, but are not fully implemented. In
NEWMODE ON/OFF general BBS connects assume NOMODE on, others NOMODE off.


To connect to the node, use the command NODE (or K). This is equivalent to
connecting to a normal node. There is a (roughly) equivalent command
C SWITCH, which returns the string *** CONNECTED to SWITCH, and is used
in MBL forward files, as the MBL software is expecting the first connect
to be at Level 2. A Connect command without a parameter returns the
current state, again mainly for use by MBL software. A connect with any other
parameter connects to the Node, then passes the command to the Node's command
processor, thus allowing you to enter a normal Connect from either TNC or NODE
command level.


The CONV and TRANS command enter the appropriate state, and if not connected
to the Node, allow you to send UI frames. This is used for the MBL 'Mail for
xxxx' broadcasts, and can be used for CQ's , etc.

Note that K is an abbreviation for NODE, not CONV, as in a normal TNC, as
normally you want to switch easily between TNC command and Node command modes.

CR - As normal TNC. Added recently to allow RLI BBS to be used

John Wiseman, G8BPQ