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Connecting to existing TARPN

TARPN is about building links between ham radio operators and ham radio operator locations. You have a location. Somebody else has a location. Ideally you can find two that can talk to one another.

Step 1. Find somebody on the network map that you can contact. Go to their QRZ page or reach them via the local repeater. Talk to them about getting connected.

Step 2. Test your connection capabilities by having a simplex voice conversation with your target link partner. Figure out what work needs to be done to make the connection work. The established operator will probably have some opinions on this.

Step 3. Set up a packet TNC and radio on the destination end that can talk back to you. Set up packet radio gear on your end and establish a connection.

Step 4. Obtain TARPN compatible equipment on your end to link back.

Step 5. Configure your end and set up the neighbor on each end to point back to the other.

Step 6. Test, play, run and find out.

Step 7. Find somebody else to add to the network (This is the pyramid scheme aspect of packet radio networking!)

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