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Amateur, or Ham radio, is both a hobby and a public service. Individuals volunteer to become Amateur Radio operators and are licensed by their respective countries to operate radios and to communicate with other Amateur Radio operators. Enthusiasts and dedicated volunteers take up this avocation for many reasons including sport, challenge, social contacts, networking (in the looking-for-a-job sense), a quest for knowledge, and hundreds of other reasons.

Radio spectrum, which is broken up into service like television, cellphone, and broadcast radio. is controlled by the individual countries and an International Telecommunications Union and then granted to the different services or companies that use radio. For the most part, spectrum is very expensive. Companies like Verizon and AT&T pay billions of dollars for spectrum on which they run cellphone systems. Amateur Radio gets spectrum for free with the condition that the radio operators follow certain, relatively easy, rules.

In the United States a good place to go to read more about Amateur Radio is the American Radio Relay League, or ARRL.
In Canada the Radio Amateurs of Canada.
In Great Britain, the Radio Society of Great Britain

There are also local clubs in most cities and at parish and county level in much of the world.

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