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BPQ Term for Raspberry PI

BPQ Term is a program which enables a workstation to connect to your local packet node via Telnet. The program scores in that it gives you a place to type, and a place for your received data. It's bonus feature is that it also gives you a window to watch diagnostic/monitor traffic from the node. You can watch messages pass through your node and see what visitors are doing.
The program makes it rather easy to make an outgoing connections through your node.
The only thing BPQ Term will not let you do is accept an incoming connection.

You don't need to install BPQtermTCP.exe for Raspberry PI. It should be pre-installed by the TARPN install scripts. The only way to invoke it is from the local console or via remote desktop to the local console. It should be installed in the home directory for user PI. Go to the file system in the local console, and then to the pi HOME folder. Control click on the icon for piTermTCP and select Open. You can have more than one copy running at a time.

The first time you run piTermTCP you have to configure it. Go to the Setup menu and pull down to the TCP Hosts, and then click in the first entry. Fill in these figures:

  • IP address of your PI<>li>
  • 8011
  • local op callsign in lower case
  • p
Now go to the Connect menu and pull down to the first entry which will be your IP address.

Here are links you don't need. If you have gotten this far, you are done. Close the webpage.
Link to G8BPQ's page on BpqTermTCP
Link to G8BPQ's downloads containing piTermTcp for Raspberry PI

Screenshot of Raspberry PI version.

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