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BPQ Term for MacOSX

BPQ Term is a program which enables a workstation to connect to your local packet node via Telnet. The program scores in that it gives you a place to type, and a place for your received data. It's bonus feature is that it also gives you a window to watch diagnostic/monitor traffic from the node. You can watch messages pass through your node and see what visitors are doing.
The program makes it rather easy to make an outgoing connections through your node.
The only thing BPQ Term will not let you do is accept an incoming connection.

There is no MAC version but we have a WineBottler encapsulated MSWindows version that works. Click to Save in Downloads

Copy the resulting folder to your home directory. Don't put it in a secure area like /Applications. I'll show you why down below.

Link to G8BPQ's page on TermTCP

You'll have to do a little configuration. Run the program Go to the Setup menu and pull down to the TCP Hosts, and then click in the first entry. Fill in these figures:

  • IP address of your Raspberry PI
  • 8011
  • local op callsign in lower case
  • p
Now go to the Connect menu and pull down to the first entry which will be your IP address.

Screenshot of MSWindows version. Click for larger image

Use the dropdown for Monitor to configure things. You can add ports and then check them to monitor them.

Once you have set the options you want, close the program by clicking on the close dot, then restart it to see your options.

Now you can run the program by double clicking the icon, or you can drag it to your toolbar and run it from there.

One of the bugs with this program is that it doesn't make any noise when an incoming message arrives. I fixed that on my Mac by openning terminal and then starting the program ./ring_for_log_growth.sh. What that does is monitor the size of the Log Output File. When it changes it places the bink noise. You'll have to start the Log Output every time you launch the BPQ Term program.

Here is a screenshot of the ring_for_log_growth.sh program included in the Mac bpq term zip file. One line in the file gives the path to the log file. The path will have to be changed to match your file system. Send a message to the TARPN reflector if you need help with this. Someone can make the change you need for your system and/or talk you through using Terminal to set this up and run it.


Hopefully this will become smoother as we have more people working on the details of the TARPN thing.

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