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BPQ Term for Linux

BPQ Term is a program which enables a workstation to connect to your local packet node via Telnet. The program scores in that it gives you a place to type, and a place for your received data. It's bonus feature is that it also gives you a window to watch diagnostic/monitor traffic from the node. You can watch messages pass through your node and see what visitors are doing.
The program makes it rather easy to make an outgoing connections through your node.
The only thing BPQ Term will not let you do is accept an incoming connection.

Getting BPQterm

There is a Linux version of BPQterm. So far what I have seen in a Linux version is much more primative than the MSWindows version. It is possible to run the MSWindows version version in WINE, and that is recommended.

Linux Versions

I have never seen KB8PMY's Linux version for Intel PC run. If you do run it, please send me details and a screen shot for the web page. I suspect it looks a little like the MSWindows version

Here is KB8PMY's web page about TermTCP for Linux including links for download source and executable. if the program is not available at KB8PHY's page, here is a copy I saved on Jan 4, 2014.

Link to G8BPQ's page on TermTCP

Screenshot of MSWindows version. Click for larger image

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